Some coaches have now started to serve their clients through various online life coaching options that weren't available just a few years ago. For example, they offer unlimited access via email, utilize services like SKYPE to interact with small groups, and offer video instruction along the way.

This online life coaching approach is obviously much different than face-to-face coaching or phone calls. As a result, it offers a much different experience for the client. At the same time, this approach can allow a coach the opportunity to:

  • reach more clients in less time
  • potentially lower their coaching rates to individual clients while making more income due to an increase in volume

Although this is still relatively rare, many innovative coaches are making technology a mainstay in their coaching practice. But some are simply offering online life coaching as one of their many coaching packages.

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Although we still recommend one-on-one interaction via the phone (or voice-over IP) in our own online elite life coach training and certification, the internet can offer some significant advantages to coaches.

Interestingly enough, we weighed out these same advantages when we began to consider moving our LIVE life coach training and certification to an online platform.


For example, when we moved our training from a live format to an online learning platform, we were able to allow our students to watch the teaching over and over. So if someone wanted to dig in deeper on a particular subject or if they forgot a specific strategy, they could go back and review the video again and again. That wasn't something that was an option for students who attended a live event.

In the same way, some coaches are using this strategy in their practices to make video recordings of some of their teaching or as they are walking through a specific strategy. Then they give their clients access to the videos while they are working together. Similar to our training, this allows a coaching client to go back and watch their coach review a concept as many times as they want or need to.


One of the advantages our life coach training students enjoyed when we moved our coach training and certification online was that it was available when they wanted it. So if someone wanted to dig into a module after their kids had gone to bed, they could do it.