Most mobile car washing companies are successful because they invest in pressure washers. These machines are the best for detailing cars. When someone purchases a pressure washer, their main focus is on its cleaning power and efficiency. Here are some tips for choosing a mobile auto wash in Brisbane. These tips are mainly focused on mobility, flow rate, pressure, and output level.

Mobile Car Wash

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Mobility – It is rare that pressure washers can be easily picked up and moved around. If you need to move these machines around easily, you will need to choose portable models. There are two types of mobile pressure washers available: truck-mountable and wheel-attached machines. 

These machines do exactly what their names suggest. The first group has specially designed wheels that allow users to push the machines on flat surfaces. The second group includes special provisions that enable users to mount the machines onto trailers or trucks.

Flow rate – When water consumption or drainage is an issue, it is crucial to have a high flow rate for mobile car detailing businesses. Reputable suppliers offer pressure washers that have low flow rates, such as 0.5 GPM.

Low flow technology is the best option for mobile car detailing. These machines can control the output of the machine without compromising its cleaning efficiency. You can even search online for more information about mobile car washes in Brisbane.