Is your eye care practice struggling with an increase in Medicare Advantage claim denials? Not sure how to keep up and capitalize on the growing popularity of Medicare Advantage plans versus traditional Medicare?

More than 33% of Medicare beneficiaries in the U.S. are enrolled in a Medicare Advantage (also known as MA, Medicare Part C, or Medicare replacement) plan, and enrollments continue to grow each year. You can visit this link to get mediare billing help.

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Common Medicare Advantage Billing Challenges and Solutions

By implementing advanced billing processes in your practice, you have the power to boost your business revenue and get paid faster. 


Reduce denied claims due to billing traditional Medicare instead of Medicare Advantage.

Verify the patient is enrolled in Medicare or Medicare Advantage.

Determine when to file a claim with a supplemental vision insurance plan.


Analyzed denied claims based on the appointment date.

Verified patient demographic information, insurance plan data, and policy effective and term dates are correct before submitting the claim, as well as verify co-pays for exam and materials for vision insurance plans.

Refiled denied Medicare claims to Medicare Advantage.


Higher payments, fewer denials, faster turnaround, and lower accounts receivable. The financial health of your eye care practice depends on higher efficiency and revenue cycle management (RCM) support. To avoid costly delays in claim rejections and denials, it’s important to always verify every patient’s insurance plan information before their visit.