Ladders are a common instrument used at construction sites for working at heights. These are not only useful for height works but also used for several everyday works. Since the population is increasing every day and houses are fundamental necessities for anyone, hence the construction industry is growing rapidly.

A large number of people are engaged in this industry. But not everyone is comfortable with height works and incidents can take place anytime. Ladders are the most dangerous equipment through which accidents can take place. If you want to do work at height course online, you can visit

Ladder safety training starts from your home. By following some ladder safety tips you will be able to work safely at extreme heights. The major ladder safety tips are as follows:

Check the steps of the ladder before using it. If the joints are weak, repair them. If it is made of other materials like iron, aluminum, zinc, etc, except wood, the screws should be tight. If the screws are loose, do tight. Determine the correct angle of the ladder with the wall. The ladder should be in the correct position.

Do not place it on a slippery surface. Always check its bases. The bases should be strong. The steps should be clean and non-slippery. Proper footwear will ensure your safety. If it is damaged, it is important to ensure that it is not used.

Remove heavy traffic beneath it otherwise, serious accidents may occur as well sudden fall from a height may turn into death. If you are working for electric work, the ladder made up of metal should be avoided. You can use wooden ladders for these types of works.

These are some important ladder safety tips that will ensure your safety during working at extreme heights.