Call center service providers equipped with speech analytics capability cannot only fathom, translate speech into text but also can gauge customer stress and appeasement levels.

Features of Speech Analytics

Keyword spotting: call recordings are analyzed to identify certain keywords and phrases which can prove to be critical for a business. The automated speech analytics make use of phonetics-based engines that can wean out this information.

Real-time results: the phonetics-based engine is helpful in delivering accurate and real-time results for keywords and phrases. The process can adjust to the words said in slang or foreign language. To know more you can also click Speech Analytics And Voice Analytics The Truth – Call Criteria.

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Silence detection: the process can detect abnormal holds or pauses in a conversation, enabling the supervisors to detect areas that have workflow issues and need improvement.

Besides these, other features of speech analytics include stereo recording, evaluation of call opening by the representative, adherence to the script, improvement in the speech, identification of customer dissatisfaction trends, and ensuring regulatory compliance.

Therefore, speech analytics is an important investment that helps to recognize the voice of the customer, so that all efforts can be made on the part of the enterprise to improve his communication experience while allowing the company to get the complete business perspective so that it can improve and grow.