Clones are a consistently reliable way of ensuring that your plants remain high quality because they share the same genetic code as the parent. Their growing habits are the same and eventually produce shoots, taste, and strength identical to those of the original plant. 

In clones, the genetic line develops unchanged. Several cultivators in Michigan have had clone pathways for more than 15 years. Mother plants can easily produce more than 50 clones per week. 

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If you've had a successful harvest, a cannabis strain you really like, need more seeds or have other reasons to go ahead with one of your crops, consider cloning. Cloning is almost as collateral as you can get in the marijuana business. 

After a successful season, it's always a good idea to clone your cannabis plant to increase your chances of a more successful harvest in the future.

Clones are also a great way to produce more marijuana from the same species without sacrificing THC. 

You can sow your favorite crops and grow more, but when the cannabis plant produces seeds, it naturally produces less THC. However, the clone could easily have the same THC level as the parent. You can also clone some plants individually to produce seeds for future use.