Somatic psychotherapy is one of the best ways to help patients suffering from psychological trauma live a healthy life, recover, and lead a normal life. The word somatic comes from the Greek word "soma", that means "living body".

Somatic therapy is a holistic therapy that examines the relationship between the mind and body of the psychological past. You can also get more information about somatic psychotherapy via

somatic psychotherapy

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How it works

The main purpose of somatic therapy is to identify and relieve physical stress that may remain in the body after a traumatic event. In therapy sessions, patients usually need to follow their experiences with sensations in the body.

Depending on the kind of somatic psychology used, sittings may include body awareness, dancing, breathing techniques, sound work, movement, movement, and healing touch.

Somatic therapy offers several benefits. It restructures and changes current or past negative events, inspiring greater confidence, self-confidence, resilience, and hope. Reduces discomfort, tension, and stress and at the same time develops enhanced concentration abilities.

Some of the somatic methods used by therapists are titration and pendulum methods. Titration using resource status and safe space. The patient is guided through the traumatic memory and then the therapist asks the patient if he sees changes in the way he feels when the memories are brought back to life.