Whether you want to prevent Alzheimer’s, depression, or a heart attack, or simply have a smarter baby, eating seafood can help, according to well-established research. Now the goal is to eat more. Recently, dietary guidelines for Americans recommended a diet high in a variety of nutrient-dense protein options, including increasing the amount of seafood consumed.

In fact, research shows that eating seafood actually saves lives. To get the best seafood, you can also navigate this source: Seafood – B&E Food – Brisbane & Sydney Wholesale Food Supplier.

Just two to three servings of fish a week reduced the risk of death by 17 percent for all health reasons. 

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The health benefits you will get from eating fish are incredible:

• On average, people who ate seafood had a 14 percent larger hippocampus, the brain's training, and memory center. And the stronger your hippocampus, the less likely you are to be diagnosed with Alzheimer's.

• Older people with high levels of omega-3s in their blood lived an average of 2.2 years longer.

• Pregnant women who eat seafood twice a week have an average IQ of 5.8 points higher.

Why is seafood so healthy? For starters, eating fish offers plenty of protein without a lot of fat. White meat fish, in particular, has less fat than other animal proteins. And oily fish is very rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which are considered good fats. In addition, because the human body cannot produce enough of this nutrient on its own, fish do an excellent job of dealing with sagging.