Have you ever thought about how you can make a small change to your office to make it a more eco-friendly workplace? There are many options to decrease energy use and waste, however, one of the easiest and most efficient steps are involving paper. 

From notepads to toilet paper, your office is awash with lots of paper in a week. There are options to cut down on this trash and decrease your business's environmental footprint using modifications as simple as finding the best bamboo reusable paper towels online.


The first step in any campaign is to analyze the current situation and establish benchmarks to gauge future results. You can think up creatively with your goals, however, the best place to begin is to determine the amount of office paper wasted every week and attempt to reduce it by half in the coming six months.


Recycled paper products are an excellent method to reduce the effects of using paper without having to make major changes in your behavior. Just change your toilet paper roll with recycled paper and see if anyone notices.

You can also recycle workplace paper, printing your internal documents on the reverse of old paper. After both sides are printed, ensure that the paper is recycled and not to be thrown away. Set up recycling bins in your workplace, and ensure that your employees utilize the bins.