Family office services assist wealthy clients to realize their dreams of leaving a long-lasting legacy to their loved relatives. This is accomplished by drafting the Family Wealth Statement, which is a concise summary of the goals of the matriarch, the patriarch, and business partners. 

The statement assists lawyers in Switzerland, advisors, or accountants to develop an action plan to assist you in realizing your financial legacy objectives and, at the same time, accomplish it in a manner that is compatible with your requirements and beliefs. In the course of preparing this statement, you'll have an exchange with your advisors regarding the legal and financial issues that currently exist that might hinder the achievement of your goals. You can easily find companies of family offices in Switzerland, for your business consultations.

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The strengths and weaknesses of each aspect of your personal financial position will be analyzed in the form of a Comprehensive Financial Checkup. This document will examine financial and legal details, a succession of business as well as investments, insurance, and other concerns. The review will concentrate on the areas of your plan that should be addressed to meet your objectives and goals. 

In addition to analyzing and changing these "gaps" and identifying the gaps, you'll be able to benefit from an increase in retirement income, lower taxes, increased the potential for charitable donations, as well as an increased amount of inheritance to your inheritors. These are all essential elements to include in a complete financial audit. This benefits proposal note will contain the main reasons you have a strategic or comprehensive plan designed for you by family office services.