Facebook is now a huge advertising platform with over one billion users. There are many tools available that will allow you to promote your business to millions of customers. This will increase the likelihood of you securing sales of your product or service.

A number of critical steps are required to make Facebook advertising successful. The first is registration. You must register on Facebook with your email address, and a password. This includes any other personal details. Only after you have successfully registered, can you gain access to Facebook. You can only create your own Facebook page to access various business tools.

A reasonable amount of followers or friends is the second step in successful Facebook advertising. It is important to understand that Facebook advertising success does not involve making direct sales, but building relationships. Facebook is all about relationship marketing. Before you advertise your product or service, it is important to have a sufficient number of followers. A reasonable number of followers or friends will be able comment, share, like, and rate your product or service after you have introduced it.

The third and most important step is to create your product, business, or service Ad. You can create your Ads using Facebook's Ads creator tool. It is important to create content-rich posts about products and businesses. You already have a few friends and followers so they can share, comment, or like your ads.