Pairing wine with different food is something that some people take very seriously. Although the perfect combination of a particular dish with wine can be a wedding in heaven with the flavorings that flawlessly complementing and highlighting each other.

Here are some classic wines and very basic food pairings for white wines. Understanding these basic principles, as well as experience with them, help you learn why certain wines work well with certain foods so you can start making your own pairings that make sense. Moreover, if you are also looking to taste different types of wines then you must visit and get wines that are available from different countries.

10 Classic and Surprising White Wine and Food Pairings

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Raw Oysters And Chablis:

Fresh raw oysters are an attractive and luxurious sensory experience everything themselves. The silky texture and subtle flavors are unique and spellbinding. The perfect match with the treasures of the sea are wines that are bright, vivid, and intense. White wines with the oyster shell itself make the perfect companion for the treats. Chablis, the northernmost village in Burgundy, produces a wine that fits the bill perfectly.

Caviar And Champagne:

Good caviar traditionally only comes from the Caspian Sea that is salty and creamy, dense, luxurious texture, and has better flavor. There are some wines that could be resisted and compliment rich complexity. However, Champagne can combine intense acidity, minerality with light and frothy, creamy and pasty textures and flavors. Many purists will tell you that great Champagne and caviar should be savored himself. 

Sushi / Sashimi And Sparkling Wine:

Most people do not think of pairing Japanese cuisine with wines made from grapes. We all know that Sake and even beer is a pairing with sushi and sashimi, respectively. However, some of the deepest pairings of food and wine that many experienced are Japanese cuisine and sparkling wines! The silky texture of large, fresh cuts of raw fish and spices and savory flavors of wasabi and soy is hard to pair anything but brilliant, intense wines. Sparkling wine fits the bill perfectly!