A title is a legal guarantee that the person who signed the deed actually owns the commercial or residential property. The title can also refer to the owner's rights to the land, such as usage rights.

A title search is a local search to determine who holds the title to a property in dispute. If someone is looking to purchase property that has been in multiple hands over the years, title searching can be a great idea. You can also search online for title insurance agency in NJ.

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Recording a title

The laws in each state require that the seller or buyer record any property sale or purchase. Recording the event is done at the county or city recorder's offices. The local recorder's department is responsible for registering title records. Recorded titles can often have priority over unrecorded ones.

Doing a Title Search

A title search is usually conducted prior to the purchase or sale of property, or in the case of a dispute. A title search is a review of county records to determine the ownership and history of the property. A title search is usually used to discover two things.

Buyers or others interested in the property may initiate a title search. A commercial title company, or someone with expertise in these matters like an attorney or escrow agent, will be used by them. The title company will also ask whether the title can be insured.

Title Search Reviews for Items and Matters

Because each county has a different county recorder, title searches can have a wide range of scope. Title companies and attorneys also have different methods for searching for titles.