Sure, no one argue with the fact that the whiteboard animation looks great and fun to watch. However, this unique media has more to be offered than a strict entertainment value. In fact, there are a number of circumstances where the use of the whiteboard video provides increased business benefits.

Animated video on your homepage

When new visitors arrive at your page, what do they see? Do they meet the text block that is seen intimidation that describes the offer of your company's products and services, or do they see a friendly and interesting whiteboard animated video sharing the same information in a fun way?

If you are worried that your text intensive website can produce confusion or frustration to visitors, replace the text block with a 60-90 seconds whiteboard video, telling your company story or explaining your business philosophy may provide a better jumping off point for your website.

Whiteboard animated video instead of whitepaper

Even though you might have used whitepers to convey detailed or very technical information, sharing the same content in the whiteboard scribing format can be much more interesting! To achieve this, you’ll want to focus your video on “information” – that is, on the content that your target audience will find most useful. Try incorporating industry trends, new data or other “insider” information to turn your new “whiteboarding whitepaper” into a valuable content marketing tool.