Massage guns can be used in many ways. They can loosen tight, tense myofascial (the connective tissue that surrounds the bones and muscles), and they can also release tension. Felix explains that the device stimulates sensory cells on the skin and interrupts nearby muscles' contractions, which in turn relaxes them. 

The stimulation of the cells can also be used to override pain sensations, similar to when you rub your foot against a table leg. When a muscle is tightened or sore, the blood flow to that area decreases. Massage devices can increase oxygen-rich blood flow to the area, which helps heal the muscle. You can choose your massage gun via accordingly.


They are beneficial for certain purposes.A handheld device can be used to soothe and relax muscles if they are tightened from too much sitting. Begin with your calf, and then give the device a gentle 10- to 15-second massage. 

You should be careful how long the device is left in the area. You could cause muscle irritation, overwork, or even bruising if you leave it on too long. You should do three to five strokes on the one area. Next, look for tightness in another area.

You can use a massage gun to loosen knots in one area before you start your workout. She says that after a warm up on the bicycle, the device can be used to massage any tight areas for 10 seconds to two to three times to give it some extra attention.