Some say it's always good to live at the country club, but for some it might be an exaggeration, but it isn't. Especially for golfers who are sure to be captivated by the greens of the private courses.

Much of the community life at the country club revolves around three beautiful golf courses designed for golfers of all skill levels.Many of the renowned clubs, such as the exceptional Carlisle Country Club, offer such amenities.

There are a variety of luxury amenities available to residents at country clubs. Most of these can be used in the Club House designed and built with the needs and requirements of golfers and country club residents in mind.

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Its facilities include a formal dining room where many memorable weddings have taken place. There are game rooms, men's and women's lounges, and private dining rooms. For golfers, there's a pro shop, cart storage, and changing rooms, all required in any golf and country club setting.

Of course, residents have a preference for membership and use of the clubhouse facilities. However, social interaction with people outside the community is encouraged, as the golf and country club also offers membership to non-residents. 

Many country clubs offer a variety of membership packages, such as Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze, with benefits and prices that vary based on membership levels.

Country clubs generally charge high membership fees and have clear reasons for doing so. Most of these clubs are designed by renowned golf architects who often charge a fortune to create them.

The greens of the private courses are also well maintained so that members can enjoy a great private golf experience. In addition, some country clubs have professional and experienced golf instructors to provide golf lessons to their members.