A rashguard is a swimming top. They were originally used by surfers to shield their chests from wax from their surfboards which can be very sensitive to the skin however, they've become popular with people who are not beach lovers also. They're usually made of spandex and nylon making them light and fast-drying, as well as anti-bacterial.

It is also tightly woven to ensure that it will keep the majority of the sun's harmful radiation off the face. A swim t-shirt differs from a mens rashguard in the sense that a swim t-shirt tends to fit better. A lot of swim shirts and Rashes have the UV protection factor of 50+ which is the best possible rating.

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The protection of the sun is more crucial than ever. The harmful ultraviolet radiation is reaching Earth more frequently than before, due to the fact that the ozone layer has become depleted and is no longer in a position to block these radiations. It means there are more skin cancers being diagnosed more than ever before.

Every year around the world, between 2 and 3 million cases of skin cancer take place. In reality, one in three cases of cancer is skin cancer. Therefore, it is essential to take precautions to lower the risk of developing it.

A rash guard is an excellent option to add to your beachwear as well as your sun protection routine.