Longevity is a term that generally refers to 'long life' or 'great duration of life'. The word 'longevity' is sometimes used as a synonym for 'life expectancy' in demography. Various factors contribute to an individual's longevity.

Even among those who do not wish for eternal life, longevity may be desired to experience more of life, or to provide a greater contribution to humanity. You can help to make longevity medicine and longer, healthier lives a reality. You can also buy the best longevity medicine through various online sources.

There are many organizations dedicated to exploring the causes behind aging, ways to prevent aging, and ways to reverse aging. Many believe that aging is not a disease but an inescapable aspect of life, programmed into our bodies. The field of longevity and anti-aging is full of promises and unsubstantiated claims.

Though, I believe you can help to make therapies for aging and life extension medicine a reality. Recent genetic discoveries have found that aging and death may not be inevitable.

The field of aging research has been completely transformed in the past decade. Researchers have found that people gain nutrients and energy with the aid of bacteria, the microbes that are provided with a buffered environment, carbohydrates, and other nutrients. It also seems reasonably safe to take small amounts of certain as an anti aging measure.

Current research in aging and longevity shows that life expectancy is now 74 and 80 years and could be significantly longer with anti-aging advancements currently being researched. This research suggests a promising route to find and develop drugs to lengthen life and prevent or treat aging-related diseases.

These ideas could shed light on human aging, as humans and some bacteria are known to have mutually beneficial relationships. The idea behind the longevity dividend was expressed in an article in The Scientist which argued that research should be directly targeted at slowing the aging process by seven years. Researchers were also interested in the influence of healthy and less healthy foods on mortality.