If you are thinking of registering a company you need to meet a number of requirements. The information about this is available at the company formation registrar as well as online sources where you will be informed of what you are required to have for a successful formation.

You may also opt to select company registration services through wlp.com.sg/singapore-company-registration-incorporation-in-singapore to help you in the process and you will have your business up in no time. With the right information, it will be easy for you to prepare yourself and all the documents that you require so that you can make the process easier and faster.

Some of the things that are required in company registration include a unique name. It is important to ensure that the name selected is not already taken and in order to find this out, you need to carry out a search to ensure the name you have selected is available. You should keep in mind in selecting a name similar to the other may cause the owner of the name to object and you will be required to alter it.

One alteration you can make to the name is the inclusion of the name of the region where the firm will be located. The name of the region should not be of the country because this is usually considered too generic. There are a number of online tools that can help you In finding out if the name you have selected is available.

Before company formation, there are a number of personnel that are required. This includes a secretary and at least one director. For private limited, it is not necessary to have a secretary and you have the option of hiring one if you feel like it will help you in administration. The directors are required and you need to ensure that they have met the requirements by the Companies Act. Since they are going to be responsible for the administration and running the affairs of the incorporation it is required that you appoint the ones that will carry out their duties responsibly.