Kitchen renovations can be the start of an exciting new project, but it takes a lot of preparation before you can actually begin. 

One particularly important aspect of your kitchen is your plumbing system. If you’re about to start a remodeling project, consider the following steps to prepare your kitchen plumbing first.

1. Consider What Needs Moving

One of the first things you have to consider is what you need to move. If you are planning on completely remodeling your kitchen, a major overhaul is necessary. In this case, you will probably want to move all of your plumbing, which means that you should have a professional plumber for your clogged drain cleaning that can take care of the initial portion of your project.

2. Schedule a Pre-Remodel Plumbing Inspection

To ensure that the plumbing in your kitchen doesn’t become a problem during your kitchen remodel, schedule a pre-remodel plumbing inspection with a professional. When you schedule a plumbing inspection, your professional will be able to identify potential problems and also create a plan to prevent any issues that could hold up your kitchen remodel.

3. Shut Off the Water Supply

Before starting any work on your plumbing system, you must shut off the water. Ideally, you should do this outside so that the shutoff valve doesn’t interfere with your replacement project. Make sure you turn the water off for any fixtures that you plan to work on.