The equaliser is a Blockchain-based solution that aims to provide affordable, strong, energy-efficient, and beautiful homes and accommodation. The blockchain will contain a title registry, proof of ownership, and smart contract functionality. Storm shelters are also an option to be offered by Equaliser.

Equaliser won’t contribute to already inflated established property market prices and a fraction of profits are used for helping those in natural disasters and also subsidies for some that need assistance owning a home.

A build is commissioned with the purchase in our coin, there is no competition between those with wealth and those that struggle to save for a deposit on a mortgage. Equaliser is non-discriminative which is how we planned Equaliser to be, just that, an Equaliser to be able to buy a home to live.

Buying Equaliser gives no one claims or rights to already established property however, rather the opportunity to purchase a property we build by paying with our coin which also strengthens Equaliser’s value.

Equaliser will build energy-efficient homes such as monolithic and curved structures which are hurricane and wild fire-resistant. 3D Printing, shotcrete airform, and aircrete are some of the techniques that will be used for building. Geodesic domes are also another building technique to be utilized.

Equaliser projects can benefit local economies by having a positive effect on tourism, local businesses, suppliers, jobs, communities, and lives. The first project will be to build affordable and hurricane resistant homes and accommodation in Puerto Rico.